WWDOLL sex function

WWDOLL sex function

Sex is fun!

You may take a lot of different sex poses with you love doll. You do not need to be very strong to do that, but you still need to be very careful about your health condition.

We design the doll with three channels for sex, so you may enjoy ORAL SEX, ANAL SEX and the VAGINA SEX.

Any time before sex, please apply water-based or
oil-based lubricant in your target channels





Before sex, it’s proposed to ware condom for easier
cleaning up when your doll is designed with a CLASSIC VAGINA. For REPLACE-ABLE VAGINA it would be easier.








OK, here we go….it’s topic time


As a start, some traditional ways are the
easiest. Both VAGINA and ANAL may serve you well.




Some times you when want to try another direction.




Of course you may use table or chair.









The ORAL channel may bring you even further





Enjoy it, bro.





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